Henderson Point Slow To Recover From Katrina

Gene and Linda Akin moved from trailer to "tree house." That's what she jokingly calls their new, raised modular home on 5th Street in Henderson Point.

"Oh I tell you, I'm pleased. I think, personally, modular is the way to go," said Linda Akin.

She and her husband are proud to show off the spacious new house.

"My dad bought this property in '61. We built the first house in '63. And it lasted Camille, but Katrina was too much," said Gene Akin.

Getting the permits was a hassle, but they never thought of relocating.

"I can't see living anywhere else. This is it. This is, absolutely, this is it," said a beaming Linda Akin.

"We had a nice little two bedroom, what we called a Louisiana cottage," said Steve Byrd.

Not far from the Akins', Byrd and his wife still live in a FEMA trailer. Their lot is decorated with the few lawn ornaments Katrina failed to wash away.

"Oh, it was a beautiful area. Nice little neighborhood. Quiet and no problems," he recalled.

Now it is desolate and barren. The Byrds are moving to Georgia, with hopes of one day returning to Henderson Point.

"We're going to keep our lot here and hopefully in a few years, when everything settles down and insurance, get the insurance to come down and the price of homes, home building to come down, we'll come back and maybe rebuild," said a hopeful Byrd.

The Armstrongs' are busy building a log cabin.

"I can have anything I want cause our house was gone. And I've wanted one for 25 years. It met all the building standards and the wind load rating on it is rated to 150," said Donna Armstrong.

She describes Henderson Point recovery as "very slow." Still, she has no second thoughts about helping "lead the way."

"We just felt committed to this community. We love the community.We love the school and we love the small hometown feel of it. It's just a great place to raise a family and live," she said.

Henderson Point recovery got another boost this week. Harrison County supervisors gave their approval to a nearly $240,000 project to rebuild the community's fire station.