Pascagoula Firefighter Gets Help With Storm Preps

The South Mississippi heat didn't deter Lowe's employees from working non-stop Monday in Pascagoula. The group's mission: to securely place 13 large clear panels on every window and door of Lt. Todd German's home.

Jason Firster is the Operations Manager overseeing this big task.

"The home is everybody's biggest investment. These are the things we have to protect," Firster said.

Lt. German knows about protection. The Pascagoula Firefighter says his job is to make sure people and their properties are safe.

But when Katrina blew ashore, German's home, like so many others, was left vulnerable.

"I had 42 inches of water here, and a couple of windows. I got lucky. I keep my roof," German said.

Now this team is working to protect German's home for this hurricane season.

"We are installing hurricane panels to protect against wind and foreign objects from coming in to the home," Firster said.

Lowe's is even handing out hurricane kits. Inside they have batteries, a flash light, even a first aid kit, to make sure everyone is prepared.

"We will be distributing 12 kits to the local schools, and three kits to a local community called Bay Towers."

Red Cross Director Paige Roberts is a partner in this hurricane relief effort. She says the more educated a community is, the better prepared it will be when a disaster strikes.

"Quite frankly, there can be a disaster any time of year. They do not have to look like hurricanes," Roberts said. "You need that supply kit, you need that evacuation plan, you need a communication plan."

And a plan today can save a life tomorrow.

Lowe's and the American Red Cross in Pascagoula will be handing out hurricane preparation information throughout this hurricane season.