Waveland's Public Safety Building Plans Have Some Residents Worried

Waveland's plan to build a new public safety building on McLaurin Street has some nearby neighbors upset.

The city has four acres of land at 1600 McLaurin that the state previously used for an assisted living apartment complex. But some neighbors worry that bringing the police department, and all the traffic that will come with it, will be too much for their quiet neighborhood. They're also concerned it might decrease their property values.

"I think they can choose a better site somewhere along the highway to better suit their needs, rather than throwing a police station... right in the middle of a residential neighborhood where it doesn't belong," Waveland resident Franc Iwanczyk said.

Still others see benefits to the extra security in the neighborhood.

"We've never really had any burglaries or any problems," Waveland resident Jennifer Munson said. "Other than the speeders on the street and the next street, Felgrass, I think it will be great and it will bring us a lot of security."

The city would need to change the zoning in the area from residential to commercial to build the public safety center.

Mayor Tommy Longo said the McLaurin Street location is the best choice, since FEMA flood guidelines limit where the city can build. Longo told WLOX News the building will be designed to blend into the neighborhood.

"We won't be adding traffic to the smaller streets. We're working with the architects to make sure it compliments the neighborhood, it will add to the property values in the neighborhood," Mayor Tommy Longo said.