WLOX Thanks Robin Roberts For Speaking Out With Breast Cancer

It's estimated that 250 thousand women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

Breast cancer touches so many lives. Most recently it touched ours when Pass Christian native and ABC's Robin Roberts shared her diagnosis with us and her Good Morning America viewers.

As she says, as soon as she was diagnosed, she became a survivor.

She also became a champion for all women to make sure that they are aware of the warning signs, that they perform self examinations and mammograms, and that they alert their doctors of any concerns.

Early detection is key in winning the battle against breast cancer. And Robin is spreading that message.

We thank Robin for choosing to go public and sharing her journey with millions of Americans.

Robin says instead of dwelling on "why this happened to me" she chooses to ask "why this happened for me."

Her courage and the lessons she is teaching us each day are making a difference, and no doubt helping save lives across the country.