Pascagoula Church Shuts Doors To Serve Community

James Hamilton can't remember the last time his truck was washed for free.

"It makes you feel good!" Hamilton said.

And it's been a long time since Bobby Smith missed a Sunday Church Service. But this week, he's got a good reason not to be there.

"We shut it down today. Church is out; church is out here!" Smith said.

For one Sunday, Church on the Rock deployed hundreds of its members to hit the streets, and the flower beds, to perform 40 random acts of kindness throughout Jackson County.

Getting their hands dirty gives these church members a chance to show the community that they care. Church Administrator Chris Erwin hopes that planting a seed now, could mean a change in someone's life later.

"We're hoping for a snowball effect. We're hoping that folks in this church and the people that we touch today, will have so much fun and experience, so much excitement that they're going to want to do it again," Erwin said.

This non-traditional way of worshipping is making everyone smile.

"We can minister to the smallest to the oldest. In that gap, there's going to be someone in there we can plant a seed in, and it's going to come forth," church member Mary Vandevender said.

Church members won't accept any donations for their outreach. In fact, Bobby Smith wants the recipients to receive much more than money can buy.

"I want the unsaved, un-churched, unconnected people to see what we have. It is free, like the love of God," Smith said.

These volunteers believe their example of kindness and love will last long after the car wash.

Church members also visited nursing homes, held a cookout at Beach Park and made lunches for local police and fire departments.

They hope to create a "pass it on" atmosphere encouraging all the people who received today, will pass on a good deed to someone else.