Governor Barbour Issues Katrina Report And Says He's Pleased With The Recovery Process

On Sunday, Governor Haley Barbour issued a progress report on the state of Mississippi just days ahead of the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

The detailed report describes accomplishments and assessments in areas such as housing, infrastructure and education.

The governor says he is pleased with the pace of recovery and that most of the change is coming from those who live in South Mississippi.

"We are providing resources that the federal government is providing to us but it's the locals that are there making the day-to-day decisions,when this all happened that's what I said. "Jackson is not going to tell the coast how to rebuild. Washington is not going to tell the coast how to rebuild and we stay true to that commitment."said Barbour.

Governor Barbour was on the coast to participate in the 73rd Annual Southern Governor's Conference.

All eight Governors heard presentations on obesity, insurance and economics.

To view Governor Barbour's full report click here.