Emeril Hosts First Spouse's Lunch

Earlier today, the Governors' spouses were the guests of a famous chef for lunch.

Emeril Lagasse not only invited the first ladies and gentlemen to lunch at his restaurant, he and his staff demonstrated preparation of the main course, barbecue shrimp.

Lagasse says he's not only proud to host the Southern Governor's spouses, he's also proud to see they're taking a serious interest in the recovery of this area, while enjoying the finer things South Mississippi once again has to offer.

"We've got a lot of work to do as we know, and they are seeing that. They're just taking a little time out to have a little fun," Lagasse said. "Get a little cooking demonstration by Steve D'Angelo, my chef; have a quick little lunch; and then they're going to go back out and tour and see more. So, hey, we're making a lot of progress day by day, so we just gotta keep the faith ."

Emeril's Gulf Coast Fish House is located inside the Island View Casino in Gulfport.