Bond Denied For Two Suspected Killers In Jackson County

Capital murder suspects Karrie Glenn and David Stokes walked into the Jackson County Courthouse handcuffed.

Though their attorneys hoped the judge would grant them bond, at the end of a 20 minute initial hearing, Glenn and Stokes were headed back to jail to be held without bond.

Both defense attorneys say the arrests are a mistake.

"I do not think that he is guilty," David Stoke's Attorney Calvin Taylor said.

WLOX News asked Karrie Glenn's attorney if he thought she was guilty. Attorney George Shaddock replied, "No."

Jackson County Sheriff's Deputies say Stokes and Glenn killed Roy Glenn nine years ago in his home.  Lt. Ken McClenic is the lead investigator in this case.

"To know that a family had their son killed, as he slept in his bed, shot twice with his own shot gun," McClenic said.

McClenic says Glenn and Stokes had ongoing affair which led Roy Glenn's murder.

"Both of suspects had a sexual relationship, I believe she wanted out of the relationship, she was in an abusive relationship, and there was drugs involved."

Shaddock says the investigator is wrong. He says the mother of two wasn't even home when her husband was shot.

"My understanding is she [Karrie Glenn] was at work when this occurred. Back nine years ago I was told there was a witness that saw two men leaving the house."

Stokes' attorney, Calvin Taylor, says deputies don't have evidence to keep his client in behind bars for too long.

"There will be a lot of facts that will come out during that next week, and I fully expect, as his lawyer, I am going to prevail."

For now, Stokes and Glenn will await the next legal step in jail.

A preliminary hearing has not been scheduled, but defense lawyers say they expect to have a date for the hearing by next week.