Jackson County Employees Ready To Move Out Of Trailers

Meet Greta Hearndon, she works for the Jackson County Assessors Office. After Katrina ruined her building, Hearndon moved into a double wide trailer.

"It's mobile home life. What can I say? We still really need space, we do not have a lot of space in here for cabinets and storage areas," Hearndon said.

And she's not alone. About 13 county departments are still in modular units or trailers at the Jackson County Fairgrounds.

Though Hearndon is happy to have a place to work, she admits it would be great to move into a permanent building.

"The public is tired of being run around from one place to the other, and so we need to get in one building. It will be great."

District 5 Supervisor John McKay says he knows trailer life is not easy, but the county is working as quickly as possible to find safe and suitable facilitates for employees.

"County employees have taken this pretty much in stride, to go to work in a trailer instead of a nice facility, " McKay said.

"We are getting people from some different offices back in county buildings that have been redone, such as the election commissioners. They have their building."

The county is planning on building a $8 million service complex which will house dozens of offices and hundreds of employees. But the building won't be ready for another two years.

"Dealing in the federal realm, everything moves slowly. The federal funds, even though they are earmarked, it takes time to go through the FEMA process, to acquire the funding, and to bid the things out."

County employee Greta Hearndon says she will wait in anticipation for the new building, so she can finally say goodbye to her trailer.

Supervisor McKay says the county is also working on relocating its Emergency Operation Center from Pascagoula to the northern part of Jackson County.