Six-Month Anniversary of September 11

The people of New York City will pause Monday morning at 8:46 on the six-month anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. Officials will meet at the bronze sphere that once stood in the trade center's plaza. And then at dusk, eighty eight lights will be switched on near Ground Zero, casting twin beams of light into the sky. The towers of light are a memorial to remember those who died and express hope for the future.

For one September 11 survivor here in South Mississippi her future is still uncertain. Gulfport native Pam Stennis worked in the South Tower on the 59th floor she survived that tragic tuesday morning but says new york has changed forever. Six months later Stennis is still in Gulfport but still thinks about that day and the eighteen friends she will never see again.

Monday, March 11, signifies six months since America's unprecedented attack. She's been back to New York once, only to visit. Stennis says she still loves New York and one day will move back.