Tire Dump Issue Returns To Court

Two men responsible for a tire dump in Harrison County have been ordered to clean it up or go to jail.

The problem property is located just north of 28th Street off Hartsell Road.

David Brown and Jack Collins appeared in chancery court Thursday afternoon.

The property has been a nuisance, a health hazard and an eyesore for many months. The Department of Environmental Quality and Harrison County have been after Brown and Collins to clean up the mess since late last year, but that clean-up has never happened, despite an earlier court order.

There are some five thousand tires at the dump site. David Brown is the main person responsible for the tires. Jack Collins owns the property where the tires are stacked.

Brown told the court he has nowhere locally to dispose of the tires "legally" and besides, he can't afford what that might cost.

"Now I'm stuck," Brown told the judge, "I have no place to get rid of them."

He told Judge Jim Persons, "I'm at the mercy of the court."

Virgil Gillespie is the attorney representing Harrison County. He told the judge "I know if he gets a jail threat, he's going to do something".

Judge Jim Persons found both men guilty of criminal contempt. He sentenced Brown to 45 days in jail and Collins to 30 days, but suspended the sentence and gave them one month to clean it up.

The judge told the two men, "I'd better see some dust flying and some tires moving."

"These gentlemen left us really no alternative other than ask that they either clean it up or be incarcerated," said Gillespie, after the hearing.

David Brown was in no mood to talk with WLOX News.

Asked for a comment he replied, "Not at this time sir."

When asked about his plans for the property, Brown added, "Yes sir, but I'm not, I'm just not going to tell you. How about that?"

Judge Persons has given Brown 30 days to clean the site, or face jail time.

By the way, David Brown is the son of Earl Brown. He's the man responsible for a massive tire dump off 34th Street in Gulfport. There is a clean-up still underway at that location.