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If Black Spring Break Returns, Coast Will Be Ready Officials Say

The Spring Rap Up web site hasn't changed the location on the site yet. But the site for the party will have to change.

If it comes to the Coast again, law enforcement officials are ready.

"We had a traffic plan that worked very well last year," Biloxi Assistant Chief of Police Rodney McGilvery said. "We have to make some modifications if we have to use that plan this year."

Planning is what Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway is focusing on.

"We're doing our homework. If the spring break decides to come back to Biloxi, we'll be ready, we'll be prepared for the most part."

Black spring break went smoothly last year. But in 2000, it was a much different story.

"No one was prepared," Convenience store employee Kelton McCuien said. "Nobody thought they were coming because they were supposed to be here on a Thursday, and nobody showed up on that Thursday and Friday. We were just caught by surprise."

Major roads were clogged with traffic. Cars were simply not moving. Some businesses actually shut down for the weekend because of the chaos. But Black Spring Break wasn't bad for every Coast business. Some of them want the event to come back to the beach.

"It would be very good because of the fact they bring more people in," Jacob Winstead with Carter's Beach Rentals said. "That's a big thing. They're going to come no matter where it's at."

Where they will show up is still a mystery. But if they do return to Mississippi, it won't be a surprise to Coast residents.

"Everybody will be made aware of the traffic plan that we have, what will be open, what will not be open, and they'll be well informed," Mayor Holloway said.

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