Ocean Springs Students Salute Military

Students at Taconi Elementary praised members of the military with words and with music.

"I would like to thank you for guarding our country," Meredith Lacy said.

Genesis Rosales said, "I would like to thank the people who are protecting our wonderful country. I thank you for saving our lives."

The school invited representatives from all branches of the armed forces to a special tribute to the military. Fifth Grade Teacher Tiffany Tynes organized the event.

"I had seen the movie 'Black Hawk Down,' and I was so touched because our military do not get enough respect," Tynes said. "I just wanted to do something for them."

Many students felt proud as their military parents were honored.

"The military works hard and should be rewarded for it, especially when we're bombing Afghanistan out of its wits," Drew Marx said.

Drew's dad Ron Marx said, "A lot of what we do is not known, so it's really nice to see that we're getting the backing from people. It really warms your heart."

Ariana Daniels' dad, a Gulfport Seabee, couldn't make it to the program. He's getting ready to be deployed Monday. Ariana says "He's going to go to Spain to do the war and stuff like that. I feel sad today."

The war on terrorism is hitting close to home for many of the youngsters. That's why they wanted to pause and remember the sacrifices our soldiers make.

"Take a moment each day in your thoughts and prayers to keep these men and women safe from harm," Christopher Peterson said.

During the assembly, military representatives also explained the history of each branch, the uniforms they wear, and the code of conduct. Afterwards, everyone gathered for a small reception.