Ocean Springs Students Accept The "Challenge" Of A Lifetime

They started as individuals.

"People think that I'm sarcastic or rude, I don't mean to come across that way," one student said as she held back tears.

But hours later, those misconceptions faded.

"I wanna say sorry," another student pleaded.

And years of grudges disappeared.

"I kind of want to apologize to someone in this room," a high school senior girl said.

And with each confession, more than 100 Ocean Springs students felt connected for the first time.

"Look what we turned this into. In one day, look what we turned this into," another student exclaimed.

It's because Challenge Day helps teens forget about being judged, and focus on being real.

"When they started talking about their experiences and started crying, I realized, it's okay, they're crying, I can cry too. It helped me get it all out, it was nice," high school senior Monique Dobbins said.

"Real power cant even be measured by the amount of knives, guns, or bombs we might possess. This is real power, real power will only be seen by the way we choose to treat each other and ourselves," ChallengeDay Coach "Randy" said.

The big challenge will be when students take their new attitude back into the hallways of their school. Some participants were so excited, they want to bring their message much further.

"I feel like I can change the world right now," high school senior Chris Lyle said.

In just a few hours, Challenge Day captured that love and inspired students to be the change they want to see in the world.

"Challenge Day has me feeling like I'm Superman like I am going to go express my love to everybody," Lyle said.

If the hugs and smiles are any indication, these students have accepted that challenge, and feel more powerful than ever.

Tuesday, Ocean Springs will host another round of ChallengeDay, bringing in a different cross- section of students to take part in the experience.