Biloxi Residents Fed Up With Sewer Problems

Three weeks after a sewage line rupture near the Popp's Ferry Bridge, crews are still working to repair the system. However, neighbors in one community say the smell of raw sewage is not new to them.

Residents of The Oaks Community say the air quality has been a problem for quite some time. The smell of raw sewage greets you as soon as you enter the Biloxi neighborhood and neighbors say, they've had enough.

Brannon LeBlanc has been a resident of The Oaks community since February 2006 and not long after his move, he discovered a big problem.

"Just a couple of weeks after we were in here my nephew came to visit us and he said Uncle Brannon the thing I like best about your house is the stream that's flowing behind your house, well there is no stream," LeBlanc says.

Neighbors believe the problem stems from this lift station which is used to pump sewage uphill. They say it shuts down during every thunderstorm leaving a big smelly mess behind.

"We have young children that play in that area. They go down to get frogs for their science projects and it's just very very dangerous," said LeBlanc.

Michelle Harbison agrees. This mother of two has done her homework and she says the air pollutants are very dangerous.

"When you are exposed to it for long periods of time you build up a resistance and you don't notice it as much so that's dangerous in and of itself because you don't notice when it's worse," says Harbison.

Residents say the lift station has been a problem for too long and they've been patient with city leaders but now they want it fixed.

"We contribute a good volume to the tax base and I think that our concern should be heard and whether they need to find some sort of system to deal with the overflow and the odor or maybe it's going to take holding some of the geographic expansion of the city and deal with some of their current infrastructure," says Harbison.

Ward six councilman Ed Gemmill agrees.

"We continue to build and build in this area and that's great but we must have the infrastructure to support this," Gemmill said.

WLOX also learned that the lift station actually belongs to the Harrison County Waste Water District whereas they thought it belonged to the city of Biloxi.

So it looks like residents will have to keep pushing city leaders to that they can apply for federal funding to fix the problem.