Some South Mississippians Stock Up For Hurricane

"We have been true to the Southern extent here of being procrastinators to the last minute,"said Perkinston Resident Dale O'Neil

He and his wife June decided not to wait any longer to get ready for hurricane season. On Saturday afternoon, they bought a generator at Home Depot.

"We don't want to go through another Katrina. We were out three and a half weeks, and we have some people with special needs, and we just had a little bitty old generator, which it really quit on us, during that time, and we just don't want to go through that again," Dale said.

Orange Grove resident Kelvin Scruggs was at the store to buy a filter, but he says he already has a stockpile of supplies at his home.

"I've got precut plywood for my windows. During the last storm, I had some windows that broke out, so this I'm going to be prepared and have the plywood up," Scruggs said.

Scruggs moved to South Mississippi seven years ago, and like many coast residents he learned a valuable lesson from Katrina.

"This time I'm stocking up on more than I did last time. Last time I ran out of food quickly, so this time I'm stocking up high," he said.

Store managers say they've sold some hurricane supplies, like gas cans and flashlights, along with a few generators in the past few days, but there hasn't been a real rush yet.

"Somewhat quiet. They're watching. They're waiting. The people are here who have been through Katrina are very cautious. They've prepared already. The new people who are here are asking a lot of questions," said Paulette Kergosien, Home Depot's Specialty Services Supervisor.

Meanwhile, the store has plenty of hurricane supplies on hand just in case a storm comes our way.

"I would say come Monday, depending on what the storm is doing, if it looks like it has any chance of coming here, we will be extremely busy," Kergosien said.