High Gas Prices Make People Think About Summer Travel

In Mississippi, a gallon of gas right now costs about $1.47. One year ago, it cost just $1.07. So, if you plan to drive to your summer travel destination, you should also plan to pay a little more.

It cost Gulfport resident Louise Keels seventeen dollars it took to fill up her car.

"If if goes up any higher, I don't know, I may not ever take a vacation, says Keels.

Other people say they just can't give up the annual summer pastime of hopping in the car and taking a trip. Gulfport resident Tim Conrad plans to drive to Kentucky, but wishes he could take a longer trip.

"If they were cheaper, I wouldn't hesitate to go to Nevada right now," Conrad says.

Gas prices started rising last summer and never really let up. Experts blame oil producing countries in the Middle East for high prices this spring. And they expect that prices will continue to rise this summer because the demand will go up.

AAA doesn't anticipate any major cut backs in people's summer driving plans, but analysts do expect many people will take shorter trips to try to minimize the bite in their pocketbooks at the gas pumps.