State Test Scores Released

Despite having no school building and still living in trailers at home, many South Mississippi students are still excelling in the classroom.

Based on the results from the Mississippi Curriculum Tests, Long Beach, Ocean Springs, and Pass Christian consistently were the top performers in South Mississippi.

Pass Christian ranked the highest in Language for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade.

Ocean Springs took the top spot in Reading in 3rd grade, 6th grade, and 7th grade, as well as 7th grade Math.

Jackson County elementary students also did well, scoring the highest in 2nd grade Reading and Math, and 3rd grade Math.

Long Beach had the strongest showing. The district tied with Pass Christian for the best marks in 4th grade Reading.

Long Beach also had the top score in 5th grade Reading and Math, 6th grade Language and Math, and 7th grade Language. And Long Beach 8th Graders outperformed their peers in all three subjects: Reading, Language Arts and Math.

Turning now to the Subject Area Tests at the middle and high school level. The highest score you can make is 500.

In South Mississippi: Algebra One, Poplarville had the highest average (401.2) with nearly 98% of students passing the test.

In Biology, Biloxi led the pack (403) and 98.5% of students passed. In U.S History, Petal had the best marks (410) and 98.3% of students passed.

And in English II, Pass Christian is ahead (349.1) with 93.5% of students passing. Pass Christian and Gulfport tied for the top scores on the Writing Assessment Test.

There are some impressive scores statewide. Biloxi 9th graders had the best score in Mississippi in Biology. And 8th graders in Lamar County had the highest Algebra score.

The results will help measure student achievement, determine how schools rate in the state, and whether they meet federal "No Child Left Behind" standards. We'll find that out in mid-September.