Marine Mother Asks School Children to Write our Troops

"This is my baby."

Veronica Morris' son, Travis, signed up for the Marines three years ago.

She says, "He always wanted to be a soldier since he was four years old. I mean since he was little he had all the uniforms and everything."

Now, Travis wears the uniform proudly. He's serving as a sniper in Fallujah, Iraq, along with 200 other Marines in his unit. This is Travis' second tour of Iraq, and his mom has kept up him every step of the way. She's even gotten to know several of his comrades, who simply know her as "mom."

Veronica says, "They're a great group of guys. I've had them call me and say Mom if you need anything, please call me."

Unlike Travis -- who receives a box from his mom every week -- many of these men never get anything from home.

"And I'm very concerned about it, I'm very concerned about our military. You've got Christmas coming up, and a lot of them are doing there birthdays overseas. And for one reason or another, they don't have anybody to write them. You know and that's got to hurt. And you know, they're giving their lives for our country."

Veronica's son Travis says when you're a soldier, you live every moment for that next letter. So his mom has come up with an idea to help. She's asking local school children to write our troops.

She says, "You know the way I look at it is, that's not too much to ask. Just five minutes of our teacher's time, of our kids time, to write our guys to let them know that somebody over here is thinking about them."

Veronica hopes and prays for her son and his platoon's safe return. But until then, she hopes others here will answer their prayers for a little piece of home.

Veronica says besides the letters, the troops also love receiving gift boxes. As a matter of fact, she says her son's platoon especially loves getting Poppy-Cock candy.

If you would like to send a piece of home to Travis' 3rd Marine Battalion, you can send it to the address below, or click here for a free Internet service. You can also contact Veronica Morris at (228) 263-0686.

U.S. Marines Lima Company
3-3 1st Platoon
Unit 44090
FPO AP 96607-4090