Signs Of Neglect Hide Post-Katrina Progress

As we approach the two year commemoration of Katrina, I'm seeing things across the coast that have me scratching my head.

For instance, battered downtown Gulfport churches got letters from the city, demanding that their properties be boarded up or torn down. I wonder why Marine Life hasn't gotten one of those letters? Have you seen it lately? It's an embarrassing blight on the city's waterfront.

I wonder why sea oats were planted in the Highway 90 medians. It doesn't make sense. You can't mow the grass if you can't touch the sea oats.

Artists did an amazing job carving beauty out of damaged oak trees. Yet, I wonder how much longer we'll have to see ugly orange fencing around Biloxi's trees. What an eyesore.

I wonder when phrases like "You loot, we'll shoot" will finally be cleaned off of properties.

There's one on the wall of a Biloxi town home. Is that the message we want our post-Katrina tourists and volunteers to see?

I wonder if the weeds growing at the old Olive Garden property will ever violate Biloxi's height ordinance. Folks, somebody needs to start taking pride in this community and clean up vacant lots.

I wonder what south Mississippi will look like at this time next year. I hope and pray that it continues to show tangible signs of recovery. What we've accomplished so far is amazing. Unfortunately, we have to look past a lot of neglect to see our progress.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager