Citizen Involvement Needed To Fight Meth Problem

Meth is a huge problem in South Mississippi. Over the years WLOX News has done many stories about Meth and its negative impact on our lives. But a recent Meth bust by the Gulfport Police Department underlines the pervasiveness of Meth in our community.

Gulfport Police arrested a man for having a Meth lab on the back porch of a house on Middlecoff - in the middle of a neighborhood, in the heart of the city.

Many people believe that Meth is just a county problem, that Meth labs are found in back woods and out of the way places. But this bust underlines that Meth can be anywhere, in any city, even in the middle of a neighborhood.

Don't be naive enough to think, "Well, this certainly couldn't happen in my neighborhood." Police have found Meth labs everywhere from homes to hotels, and even cars.

So what can you do? Police credit the Middlecoff arrest with someone tipping them off. That is what they say is needed - citizen involvement. If you smell or see anything strange, call your local police or law enforcement.

Together we can make all our neighborhoods safe again.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager