Gubernatorial Candidate Campaigns In FEMA Park

Republican Haley Barbour will run for the title of Mississippi's governor for a second term. But Barbour faces some competition from democratic attorney John Arthur Eaves, Junior. Eaves spent the afternoon campaigning in Bay St. Louis, laying the groundwork to get the citizens of South Mississippi on his side.

Gubernatorial candidate John Eaves spent the afternoon going door-to-door in Hancock County. But there were no shade trees or white picket fences in this neighborhood. That's because Eaves took his campaign to the Bay Village FEMA park.

Eaves wants people to know he will get rid of what he calls "the money changers" like big oil and insurance companies that are driving the current administration.

"They have failed because the loyalty has not been with the people of Mississippi. They have served every time they've had a chance. They have served the powerful interest over the people of Mississippi and frankly it's what keeping our Gulf Coast from moving forward," Eaves said.

Kesha Parousse agrees. The single mother of two has lived a FEMA trailer for almost two years and she says moving into an apartment is harder than it seems.

"I'm a single mother with two kids. I don't get no help from the state. I don't get child support. The poor folks need help. Because the poor folks are getting poorer and the rich folks are getting richer and it's pretty damn sad," Parousse said.

Eaves says if he wins the election, people like Parousse will get the help they need.

"It is time. Everybody understands who the culprits are that the money changers have profited off of this. They need a governor that will stand up for them. I'll be that governor," says Eaves.

Eaves defeated three rivals in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. He will face Governor Haley Barbour in the November 6th general election.