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Beating The Heat Down On The Farm

The summer heat is taking it's toll on people and animals alike.

Jill Lusk of the Lazy L Farm and Exotic Animal Sanctuary faces some unique challenges. Lusk has lions, tigers, giraffes and other exotic creatures on her 40 acre farm in Harrison County. 

"You have to provide plenty of shade and water" says Lusk. 

Some of the farm's animals do quite well in the blistering summer heat. Jill's pair of camels take the heat in stride, and her kangaroo is accustomed to high temps down under.

Others, like a north American black bear and her collection of tigers need constant watering.

Then there's her reindeer.

Lusk says "We keep Rudy in an air conditioned stall".

Lusk has to work over time to make sure her animals can beat the South Mississippi heat.

By Dave Elliott

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