New Era of Catholic Education Begins at St. Patrick High School

Students came to St. Patrick High, looking as pristine as their new school. Faculty made sure every button was buttoned, and every tie knotted as classmates arrived in their fresh uniforms. They came with the anticipation of a brand new building, and new people, eager to get acquainted with their new world.

The first adventure, was getting class schedules. Students filtered through the cafeteria, as faculty passed out schedules, planners, and maps for the new facility. Schedules in hand, old friends couldn't wait to see what classes they shared. Students rushed up to familiar faces, comparing 1st and 3rd periods, hoping to see the same room assignment.

Besides their new surroundings, students from Mercy Cross and St. John are also adjusting to each other. Many agree, getting to know one other is one of the main challenges of going back to school.

Rachel Sledd is coming to St. Patrick from St. John High. As a Freshman, she say's, "I'm worried about who's in my class and everything. Like how much of each school is going to be in each class, and how we're going to connect and everything."

Scott Cavanaugh is a Sophomore at St. Patrick. He was almost overwhelmed the first day of class. "It's crazy. It's just so many people I haven't met and everyone's still trying to get their stuff for school."

Seeing all 600 students gathered in the gym at one time Monday morning made Ryan Deocompo, a Junior at St. Patrick, a little nervous. "I've got butterflies. It's always good though -I mean meeting new people, I like doing that."

Despite the nerves, principal Bobby Trosclair says students were overall impressed with their new home. "Everbody is excited. It was shock and awe when they walked in. Those that hadn't been here before were excited looking around, checking everything out and get to see their friends."

Together, students and teachers will grow in their new home, creating a new era of catholic education.