School Makeover Creates New Memories For Pascagoula Students

Potting plants and sweeping sidewalks is not ordinary school work. But after all, winning a $25,000 classroom makeover is anything but ordinary.

Eighth grader Jonathan Coulter was excited to help out.

"Wrote it down in my planner, got home and showed it to my family. We tried to get anybody we knew to vote for her," Coulter said.

And it worked. Now hundreds of hands are revamping the Trent Lott Middle School's front lawn. It's the first Community Day the school supply company EXPO has ever held.

"For us to do it is one thing, but to get the community, and the kids, and the faculty involved is such a difference," Ashley Lynn, Assistant PR Manager for EXPO, said.

Firefighters, police officers, and seventh graders worked side by side, getting their hands dirty to clean up the school. Inside, there's top secret work being done behind the door of Room 18.

Plenty of curious students are eager to sneak a peek.

"I hope EXPO did a really good job, because she deserves it. We did a lot of fun stuff last year. She tried to manage as much as she could, but it was really tough with a cramped room and a bunch of children in it," Coulter said.

In the mean time, students are staying busy, hoping that this extreme makeover leaves a lasting mark on their campus.

"If we all get to have a hand, maybe when we get in high school or college, we can come back and say, 'I helped do that!'" Coulter said.

Paige Hemmis, from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, will be on hand to reveal the renovated classroom Wednesday morning at 10:30. And we'll show you what it looks like, live on WLOX News at MidDay.