Water Meter Leak Creates A Mosquito Haven In Escatawpa

After Hattie Laffoon moved in her Escatawpa home last year, her city owned water meter broke. Laffoon says she called Moss Point officials to fix the problem.

"I am aggravated, frustrated," Laffoon said. "I have begged them, and I have pleaded with them, and I have several work orders."

Laffoon says the Moss Point Public Works Department promised her it would replace the broken meter as soon as possible. A year later, the problem has not been fixed.

"I want them to fix the valve, clear up the problem. They do not ever check my water meter. They do not pump it out. They are afraid to put their arm in it, of course, because they do not know what is in it."

Now the frustrated homeowner says her flooded yard is becoming a health concern. A two foot hole filled with stagnate water has turned into a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Laffoon says she fears contracting the West Nile Virus. Just a month ago, the virus was detected in another part of Moss Point.

"You can not sit outside without doing the slap dance. You know what the slap dance is? You have to slap to get them off you."

Moss Point Mayor Xavier Bishop told WLOX News he was not aware of the water meter situation, but he promised to personally look into the matter and try to resolve the problem.

Laffoon is hoping that day comes soon when she can retire the slap dance.