Biloxi High Air Conditioning Outage Sends 11 To The Hospital

The air conditioning was out at Biloxi High School for a while Monday morning, and that left some students and teachers feeling ill.

Eleven students and two faculty members went to the hospital with heat related problems. AMR confirms transporting some people, while others drove to the hospital themselves. All were treated and released.

Students were sent to the gymnasium where they had fans and water to help keep cool. Still some students called parents to complain, and at least one student with asthma called an ambulance for herself.

School officials say the temperature in classrooms was about 86 degrees Monday morning. Superintendent Dr. Paul Tisdale told WLOX News that everything appears to be back to normal.

"Right now it cycles up in stages. It's up and going and it's moving air, and we're monitoring and checking it. We still have no idea what the cause of all this was," Superintendent Dr. Paul Tisdale said.

All classes will take place as scheduled Tuesday.