Church Returns A Favor To Tornado Ravaged Town

The sound of music filled the Eastlawn United Methodist Church. Church member Barbara Moss hopes that it echoes thousands of miles away, to Greensburg, Kansas.

"We wanted to give back to the people who had given so much to us," Moss said.

Residents of Greensburg spent weeks in South Mississippi, helping Pascagoula rebuild. But that was months before their hometown was demolished by a deadly tornado.  This benefit concert is the first step for Eastlawn to give back.

"These were some of our gifts that we can use. Later on, we hope to have some teams going in with nails and hammers and things like that, but these were gifts that we had we could offer right now," Moss said.

Though it's been almost two years since Katrina, memories of devastation are never far from this congregation's mind. They share a bond with Greensburg, one of grief and pain. But this congregation wants to send a message of hope and faith, from first-hand experience.

"There's still a lot to be done in South Mississippi, but we're also at a point where we can reach out to help someone else, whose pain and wounds are fresh. We know what that feels like," Moss said.

Moss says if South Mississippi can recover, so can Greensburg.

The concert raised about $3,000 for Greensburg. If you'd like to donate, or learn about future volunteer trips, contact the Eastlawn United Methodist Church at (228) 762-2364.