Navy Sailors Present Young Burn Victim With Special Gift

With the flash of a camera, Isaiah Polk's first week back at school was sparked by a big announcement.

"$2,293 for Isaiah Polk," one of the sailors exclaimed, with a check in hand.

"The fact that it was a kid touched my heart. It could have been my child; it could have been anybody's child. Unfortunately, it was Isaiah," Chief Petty Office Cindy Ragland said.

When Ragland heard about the chemical explosion that almost stole 9-year-old Isaiah's vision, she and other Navy officers felt called to action.

"Everybody joined in; it was 100 percent participation," Ragland said.

It wasn't unnatural to help, since her ship's crew began mentoring kids at Isaiah's elementary school one year ago.

Since the Navy adopted Central Elementary, they've helped with many aspects of the school, from the inside to outside of the classroom. They even helped build the school's playground, which Isaiah says is one of his favorite parts of school.

Now, Isaiah can enjoy running and playing more than ever. That's something his mother, Mona, never thought could happen again after last month's explosion.

"Isaiah has a lot of parents now. I don't mind sharing at all. Everyone has been so wonderful, amazing, caring, giving. There's so much love," Polk said.

She says all the love and support makes the healing process easier for them both, and Ragland knows that Isaiah has a bright future ahead of him.

"He can do it. If he can get through this, he can do anything," Ragland said.

Earlier this week, the Navy crews also donated school supplies and a uniform for Isaiah.