Leakesville Mother Angry With Police Over Son's Death

When Mary Ann Waltz looks at pictures of her only son, she can't help but cry.

"He was a good person, but people wrote him off as bad, because he had tattoos and an eye brow ring," Waltz said.

Matthew Baker, 33, was a corrections officer at a nearby prison. He'd been on medical leave because of stress and anxiety.

"He had been given several medications."

On the morning of August 1st, Waltz says her son took his pills and went to a local restaurant for breakfast.

"They say he kind of played with his food. He exited the restaurant wandered around the parking lot a couple of times," Waltz said. "The waitress was really concerned about his well being, so she called the police."

Leakesville Police Chief Robert Fick responded to the call, but Waltz says he didn't put much effort into finding her son.

"He said, 'There was a blue car parked right there, and I think he got in that car and they just drove.' They did not care. He shoved him off as having some drugs or something. My son never did drugs."

Two days later, officers found Baker's body just feet away from the restaurant in a ditch.

"I am so angry nothing was done. Two days and my baby lay in ditch."

Police Chief Fick refused to provide WLOX News a copy of the police report about the Baker case. And when we called for a comment on the case, he hung up.

Leakesville Mayor William Brooks asked the chief to talk about the incident, but Flick told the mayor he'd first have to consult his attorney.

Mayor Brooks says he understands Mary Waltz's need for answers.

"It deeply concerns me. The only thing I will say is we will investigate to the point to make sure we have policies and procedures in place to make sure it will not happen again," Mayor Brooks said.

Right now, that does little to ease this mother's grief.

"I do not have anybody," Waltz said.

Greene County Coroner Clyde Gilley believes Matthew Baker drowned, but will not be able give the exact cause of death until a toxicology test is complete.