Ocean Springs Company To Change Airport Screening

The Transportation Security Administration will award more than $2 million to Rapiscan Systems to test their latest airport screening device.

"There is no closed system. You are standing in front of a machine for six seconds. There is no physical contact, no air, no nothing," says Louis Peters, general manager for Rapiscan Systems.

The Ocean Springs based company specializes in screening.,TSA will lease five of the company's Secure 1000 Scanners, a new product that leaders say is leading technology.

"The person stands in front of the system for approximately six seconds. You get scanned. It scans everything underneath your clothing. It's looking for explosives, any kinds of weapons, metallic, non metallic, anything like that, all within six seconds and then you walk away," Peters said.

The Scanner is a secondary mode of screening. After a passenger walks through metal detectors, he or she can either get a pat down from officers or simply stand in front of the screener.

David Tuttle is the lead technician for Rapiscan Systems.

"Per scan is probably about three microscans per scan and if you compare that to a medical scan. A medical scan is about a hundred microscans per scan so this is considerably lower that an x-ray you might receive for say a broken arm or a cat-scan," Tuttle said.

That makes the equipment safe for anyone who travels.

The scanners are being tested in select cities across the country. If the pilot program works out, it could mean a higher demand for the scanners, which means more jobs for South Mississippians.