Update: Jackson County Bridge Maintenance Information

Here's an update on where several Jackson County bridge projects stand that were mentioned in our Monday news story.

According to Jackson County spokesman Kenny Flanagan, the County has volunteered to replace the City of Pascagoula's Orchard Road Bridge. Engineering work should begin within the next month. Initial plans call for a new concrete box culvert bridge to replace the current wooden piling bridge.

The County is also working in conjunction with the City of Pascagoula to replace the Hospital Road Bridge. All engineering work has been completed. Replacement plans call for a concrete box culvert bridge to be constructed.

The new bridge will be larger than the current bridge and will require more right-of-way. Once the final Right of Way purchases are negotiated with surrounding land owners, the County will accept construction bids.

Replacement work on the Coventry Drive Bridge in the Escatawpa Community has also been scheduled. All engineering work has been completed. A large concrete box culvert bridge will replace the current wooden bridge.

This new bridge will also be longer than the current bridge. The County is preparing to obtain additional Right of Way. This bridge project is being paid for using State Aid funds.

There are more than 220 bridges currently in operation inside of Jackson County. Of those, 25 bridges were listed on the state's "Critical Maintenance" list. This list was last updated in Feb. 2007, since then six JC bridges from the list have been replaced.

A complete list of 2006 and 2007 bridge replacements is listed below. The County's Road Department, so far, has overseen the replacement of seven bridges in 2007. Since 2000, the County has built 66 new concrete bridges.

2006 Bridge Replacements

  • Old Fort Bayou Rd.
  • Greenwich Ave. II
  • Bellview St.
  • Yellow Jacket Blvd.
  • Willow St.
  • Old River Rd. Loop I & II
  • O'Neal Rd.
  • Dogwood Beach Blvd.

2007 Bridge Replacements

  • Fountainbleau Rd.
  • Pointe Aux Chenes Rd.
  • Old Stage Rd.
  • Pecan Rd.
  • O'Neal Rd.
  • Bartlett Ave.
  • Polktown Rd.
  • Holcomb. Rd.