Juror Emergency Pushes Back Opening Arguments In Jail Abuse Case

Opening arguments were delayed Tuesday in the trial of two former Harrison County jailers.

The daughter of one juror was in a car accident Tuesday morning. Her injuries were severe enough that she was taken to the hospital, but she's expected to fully recover.

The girl's mother spoke to the judge and said she still wanted to serve on the jury. The trial is set to resume Tuesday afternoon in Hattiesburg.

Ryan Teel is accused of taking part in the fatal beating of inmate Jessie Lee Williams, Junior. Rick Gaston was a supervisor in the jail booking area.

The jury was sworn in Monday evening, and includes an elementary school librarian, an occupational therapist, a professional artist, and an M-DOT employee.

WLOX's Steve Phillips is in Hattiesburg and will have more on opening arguments tonight on WLOX News.