Video Billboards Don't Belong On Hwy 90

We applaud the Gulf Coast Business Council going on record against video billboards on Highway 90.

A spokesman for the business council says Highway 90 is our postcard image that everyone will see and remember, and we want to make sure it is a lasting image of beauty.

We hope the various cities that front Highway 90 on the coast will join with the Gulf Coast Business Council and pass resolutions to ban stand alone electronic billboards on the beach.

Since Hurricane Katrina we have talked about how we want to turn the beach road into a scenic route that tourist and locals will enjoy driving along each day. If we continue to add these video billboards, our beautiful coast line loses the charm and becomes just another cluttered tourist destination.

We urge other local clubs and groups to join the Gulf Coast Business Council in speaking out against these video billboards. We only have one chance to get this right. The next few months will be critical to how the 26 mile drive along Harrison County beaches will look for generations to come.

That's our opinion, we would like to hear yours. Email your thoughts to

David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager