NMCB 133 Returns Home

"I feel great. This is one of the best days of my life. I can't put it to words, but I feel great," said Daniel Baldwin, a member of NMCB 133.

Baldwin returned to the loving arms of his family after his first deployment to Iraq. His wife Grace tried to explain the importance of their Daddy's mission during his time overseas.

"I said Daddy is gone, but he's doing something really important. But he'll be back soon," Grace said.

Daniel's wife has been holding down the fort at the home front the past six months and is planning on making up for lost time now that her husband is home.

"It was tough, but I kept myself busy. I used to work at the dialysis center, but then I just stopped working a week ago and am concentrating on the family right since he's back," Grace said.

It was also an emotional homecoming for Christopher Walker's family. His mother drove more than 12 hours from Sparta, Missouri for the big day.

"I'm very relieved," said his mother Linda Newberry.

"It's always a thrill and excitement to know somebody's there waiting," Christopher Walker said.

"I am very, very proud of my son. I would not have wished anything else for my him, but for what he has volunteered to do," Linda Newberry said.

Christopher says he's looking forward to spending quality time with his mother, niece and aunt and eating fast food here in south Mississippi.

"We'll be hitting up some Sonics, Whataburger, and maybe later on this evening I'll take my family out to a restaurant to eat," Walker said.

While in Iraq and Kuwait, the seabees were involved in a number of construction projects.