First Day Of School Filled With Excitement And Jitters

"Repeat after me. Just a dot. Not a lot," a Kindergarten teacher told her class.

It was the first day of school and the Kindergartners were already getting down to business. They had to learn about the tools to use and the rules of the classroom.

"Stop. Look and listen!" their teacher said.

"It's fun," five-year-old Gregg Magee, Jr. said. "We had a lot of things to play with. We got games."

"She has been reading us some stories," said five-year-old Madison Lovett.

The youngsters aren't the only new faces on campus this year. It was also Kenny Hudson's first day of school.

"Boys and girls, this is Mr. Hudson," their teacher said.

"Hello, Mr. Hudson," the children responded.

Hudson is the new principal of Pass Road Elementary in Gulfport.

"Very, very excited," said Kenny Hudson. "I went to bed like a kid goes to bed thinking about Christmas morning."

The job is a unique experience for Hudson. He coached college football, and was the Assistant Principal at Central Middle School.

"Girl, it's my first day too. I'm telling you I was nervous," Hudson told a student.

He has a lot to learn in elementary school.

"Everything is so organized and so structured," Hudson said.

The cafeteria is also a lot quieter.

"We looked at each other and we said, 'We think we're in church,'" Hudson said.

So far, Hudson is adjusting to his new environment, and having no trouble making friends. When asked what she thought about Mr. Hudson, Madison said, "He's my pet."

"I'm just passionate and I love kids," Hudson said. "What an exciting place to be, and an exciting time in their lives."

All the superintendents say the first day of school went smoothly. The other school districts will start classes on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.