Will Biloxi Give the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum One Million Dollars?

Just days away from a vote on whether to give the Ohr-O'Keefe museum $1 million, it is unclear which way the Biloxi city council will decide. Several council members say they're getting lots of feedback from residents either for or against the resolution. Biloxi council member Tom Wall says he's getting lots of phone calls from constituents who want to see architect Frank Gehry's plans become reality and soon.

"A lot of people want to see this thing get started and to deny this donation that they're asking for would delay construction," said Wall. "We want to see it get started now and we've got an investment there already."

Ward seven councilmen David Fayard says Biloxi's newest residents need the money more. He says while he supports the museum he doesn't think handing over more taxpayer money is a good idea when so many of Woolmarkets's needs are going unmet.

"We need drainage out here," said Fayard. "We need more fire protection out here. We're supposed to have three stations. We only have one. It's not adequately manned and the money would just be better spent on other projects."

Fayard says what Woolmarket residents want is what they were promised when Biloxi annexed the area and it's his job to see that they get it.

Wall says the museum is actually asking the council for one million dollars this year and another million next year.

by Danielle Thomas