More Women Are Leaning On Each Other For Spiritual Support

More women in need of spiritual guidance are turning to other women for support. They say women's enrichment ministries help them come together to discuss their problems. This weekend a conference in Ocean Springs at First Baptist Church some women said they find comfort in each other. Organizers say because of that common thread of being women they are able to better relate each other's problems and fears.

" Everybody's got baggage," said Leigh Coleman, First Baptist Church's women's ministry leader. "Everybody's got problems and it's nice to talk about it, to feel better about it, and to mentor one another and build each other up."

Speakers shared personal testimonies and talked about what God had done in their lives. Whether stories of tragedy and pain or of hope and faith, they are experiences some listeners say almost every woman can relate to.

Ocean Springs resident Angela Reid said, "I think there's a benefit from having all the women together because you as women, you are a leader in a family in your own way."

"We all go through different issues and need uplifting and encouragement and also prayer," said Julie Douglass, an Ocean Springs resident. "It just makes a difference in my life."

Organizers say making a difference in the lives of women benefits everyone. They say a man may be the head of the household, but the woman sets the tone of the family.

Coleman said, "She's [a woman] been strengthened. she's got friends she can call if she's got a problem. She's got God to lean on. She's a better person and so is the whole household."

Coleman said these types of ministries are soaring in popularity. She said churches across the country are starting women's ministries, and that many women are quitting their paying jobs to become full-time speakers.

by Danielle Thomas