Gulfport Says Yes To Katrina Cottages

Gulfport's City Council will move forward with plans to allow Katrina Cottages in their city.

Tuesday at a special meeting, city leaders gave MEMA the go-ahead but there are a few stipulations.

"I would like to see us deal with it short term and concisely," says councilwoman Libby Roland.

But not everyone agrees.

Ward seven's Barbara Nalley favors the idea of getting people out of FEMA Trailers as soon as possible, but not necessarily into the Katrina Cottages.

"Our tax payers dollars, yours and mine and all the citizens of Gulfport could be used to a better advantage by taking folks in a FEMA trailer right now and moving them into a rental assistance program or Habitat for Humanity Home, land trust home, something that they could have home ownership in," Nalley said.

There is something else that bothers Nalley, those who will be moving into the Katrina cottages were chosen in a random lottery. Nalley says that is not fair.

"I think if you were going to make cottages available they should have been made available across the board, not by way of lottery," Nalley said.

There is no word yet on when people can begin putting Katrina Cottages on their property. Again, the City of Gulfport is only testing the pilot program for six months.