God's Katrina Kitchen Shuts Down

God's Katrina kitchen served its last meal on the coast Tuesday night. They've been here since Katrina and have served more than one million meals. Earlier this month, the Gulfport City Council decided not to extend the Kitchen's lease at its Camp Avenue site.

"Heavenly Father, You have been so wonderful, and so great to us."

Van Slater led the prayer over the last supper to be served at God's Katrina Kitchen. For months, he's been serving food at the Kitchen, but at one time he was on the other side of the line.

"So, I know how it feels to have someone supply a hot meal to you when you really don't have anything. And it's just a shame that we have to leave here, but God says He will provide for you," Van Slater said.

God's Katrina Kitchen has been a source of provision for Mary Noto, and her family. The storm destroyed everything they had, and they're still working to get back on their feet.

"When we finally came back down to the area, they helped us to find a place to stay, they loaned us a tent that we stayed in for a while, they've given us food. One of the ladies here gave me clothing. That way I could work because I didn't have the proper things needed to be able to hold my job," Mary Noto said.

Craig Whitworth has been helping South Mississippi rebuild. The construction worker from Florida, says he found food, fellowship and new friends at the kitchen.

"It's played a big part. It gets me through the week a lot of times between payday to payday. It's done a lot of good for the people in the area. There's a lot of people who depend on this place," Whitworth said.

Kitchen leaders say they'd like to continue working in South Mississippi and have been offered land on 34th Avenue and 28th Street in Gulfport, but only two city officials have responded to their request to use the land. So, they may have to take their mission across state lines.

"We really feel like we still have a lot of work here, and even if we end up around the Slidell area, we can continue the work we're doing here," said James Giles, who works for God's Katrina Kitchen.