New Center Will Focus On Fighting Cybercrime

Mississippi is taking steps to protect you and your family from online crime. Attorney General Jim Hood cut the ribbon on the Cyber Crime Fusion Center Tuesday.

The center will bring together investigators, forensics specialist, and prosecutors from federal, state and local levels to stop things like child exploitation, identity theft, even acts of terrorism. And because technology is constantly changing, Ole Miss and Mississippi State will train law enforcement and prosecutors how to handle computer crime.

"We try to get as much education as possible for all our employees. In particular, the ones in the forensics area, so that they can anticipate where crime is going and not just be reactive, but proactive," said Cyber Crime Center Director Jean Smith-Vaughn.

Smith-Vaughn says in many of the crimes today, computer have to be dissected to find out more information when it comes to missing children or identity theft. And they'll be able to do that cyber forensics in the new Cyber Crime Fusion Center.