Salvation Army Helps With Back-To-School

The Salvation Army is known for giving back to the community. Whether it's the holiday season or after a disaster, the organization is in the business of helping and leaders realize the need is greater than ever as South Mississippi parents prepare to send children back to school.

"I was living in a FEMA trailer and had damage to my home, obviously, and I have just recently been able to move back into my home," says Cheryl Walls, who has worked for the Salvation Army for three years.

Walls has three children in need of school uniforms, so this mother knows first hand the struggle many parents are facing.

"With people transitioning, it is such a difficult time. A lot of people are trying to get into apartments, into their houses. They are also having to spend more money to get into their homes and that just takes it away from where they need to put it into the children's school uniforms," Walls said.

This year Salvation Army leaders are teaming up with schools all over South Mississippi.

Marlene Buckner is the development director with the Salvation Army.

"We decided to put together a program where every school in all the counties would be able to apply for a hardship. We will do the funding but the person in charge of the program will make the purchases and this way we can be sure that the child is taken care of," Buckner said.

"The little bit that we can help them with, that's just going to help them transition into school where they need it," says Walls.

Salvation Army leaders say they are aware that many of the schools are starting as early as this Friday, however it's not too late for parents to contact the school for a hardship application.