Moss Point Hoping To Lure New Businesses To Town

In the 23 months since Katrina, Mayor Xavier Bishop says more people are calling Moss Point home, but the number of new businesses is not keeping pace.

"I am disappointed with our economic development," Mayor Xavier Bishop said.

Fewer than 25 businesses have taken a chance on Moss Point post-Katrina. The mayor believes one of the biggest reasons the city has not been a magnet for investors is the lack of advertisement.

"Economic development is not something that happens by chance, it is something you aggressively pursue. It's about goals and plans you put in place, and that is what we failed to do it the past."

Bishop says Moss Point is a prime location because of its beautiful scenery, like Escatawpa River, and anyone one can easily access the city.

"Highway 63, Highway 613 and Highway 90. And as downtown grows and develops, it is going to become a pedestrian destination."

Brittany Pitman agrees. She works for the Incrediwash Company that just opened. Pitman hopes more businesses will take a gamble on Moss Point.

"It is commonly known that the more revenue you have in the area, the more people you're going to have, and the more opportunity you are going to have," Pitman said.

Opportunity and revenue sound good to Bishop. That's why the mayor is planning to meet with local leaders, in hopes of devising a strategy for attracting investors.

"In the end, we have to come up with clear goals for the city in the area of economic development.  Also, we have to see what types of businesses we want, where those businesses are going to be located, and begin recruiting them."

Bishop says once those three questions are answered, Moss Point will score big in the business world.

One final note of good news, Mayor Bishop says a majority of the businesses that were heavily damaged during Hurricane Katrina have reopened in the city.