Resident: FEMA Trailer Extension Only Half The Solution

Angele Dailie knows that days of peanut butter sandwiches in her FEMA trailer are numbered.  Her problem is, she doesn't know where she'll go next.

"All they keep telling me is what I can't have. They're not helping me get any further than where I'm at," Dailie said.

Without a car, job or daycare, Dailie can't afford post-Katrina housing prices, not even with FEMA's rental assistance. She appreciates the 4 month extension, but says the park is not the problem.

"Instead of extending, extending, extending these campers, they need to find alternative housing, til they can so called 'pick your name' for the FEMA cottages," Dailie said.

Dailie believes she and other trailer tenants have slipped through the cracks of government assistance.

"Yeah there may be some people "milking the system", but if you really look into their backgrounds, and look into what they have, what they need. If they have children, 9 times out of 10 there is nothing for them to be able to better themselves," Dailie said.

Taking care of her sons is a full time job, but she'd like to have another workplace.

"If we had a local transit, that gave us transportation to take us where we needed to go, and daycares that didn't cost single mothers the amount they were making just in daycare, that would help society tremendously," Dailie said.

Without any new amenities on the horizon, Dailie says on December 31st, her last resort will become her only option.

"I will probably be at a river somewhere pitching me a tent. Your tent is probably bigger than what this camper is. If people don't have friends or families, they won't have anywhere to go, there's no other alternatives," Dailie said.

The trailer extension applies only to the Emergency Government Housing site, not to trailers on private property. If you're an Ocean Springs resident with a trailer in your front yard, you must file an extension request with the city.