Orange Grove Residents To Hold Meeting Over City's Plans For Property Off Dedeaux

Orange Grove Residents say they're concerned about the city's plan for a 10 acre piece of property off Dedeaux Road. Ward 7 council woman Barbara Nalley said her knowledge of what the plans originally called for in her ward has changed.

Nalley says the original plans for the property included a police and fire substation, a building for public works to store their supplies and a much-needed park for the ward. This past week Nalley found out additions were made to those plans.

"Now, a pavilion, a community center and a tennis court has been added," says Nalley.

Residents who live near the property say they're concerned about building a community center that could bring more traffic to an already congested Dedeaux road. Their homes and others border the proposed development site.

"I haven't heard anything about the development coming here, and I'm really concerned about traffic coming into our neighborhood," says Ina Randall, Orange Grove resident.

Adjacent to that property, there's a proposal for an apartment complex with more than 200 units, to residents that means more traffic.

A fire left the area without a community center. But, some say it would be best to repair the community center off of 49.  They say if the city wants to build another one, it should be on land the city already owns.

"The city owns property at the sportsplex which a better location.  I think what would be more appropriate here is a natatorium," says Nalley.

They're two swimming facilities south of I-10, and Orange Grove residents say they could use one in their community.

For now, residents say they want the city to make sure it hears their concerns before moving forward.

"These are our tax dollars, and we have to have them spent correctly," says Gary Modick.

Council Members from Ward 3, 6 and 7 are sponsoring the meeting. The meeting will be at the Pepsi Plant at 13300 Dedeaux Road this Wednesday night at 6:30. All residents are encouraged to attend.