Two Sent To Hospital After FEMA Trailer Fire

Two people have been sent to the hospital, and a FEMA trailer lies in ruin following a fire in Biloxi.

A fire broke out just before eight Saturday night at a trailer in the FEMA trailer park off Motsie Road in North Biloxi. Firemen were on the scene within minutes. They managed to contain the fire to one trailer, the trailer where the fire broke out.

One person is being treated for smoke inhalation. The other person, who lived in the trailer where the fire broke out, was badly burned.

"I seen the camper on fire, and I pulled up. My dad was on the passenger side. I told him, you know, to get out, and I told Roy to get in, and rushed him to the hospital, and just rushed him to the hospital. He was burnt. I was talking to him, he was hurting, and he said his fingertips hurt worse because they were burnt off basically, and his face, he said the cigarette lighter blew up in his face, and so he got a pillow to cover his face and we got out of there," said eyewitness Alice Ramieri.

"It scared me. I thought the whole trailer park was going to go up this time, and you always hear stories about stuff like this, where a trailer park catches on fire, and within five minutes the entire trailer park is gone. That's what I was scared about," said resident Forest Jourden.

"When the crews got on the scene, the initial trailer was fully involved, so the crew's tactic was to go ahead and check the other two trailers, to make sure it didn't spread to the other two trailers and extinguish the first trailer," said Asst. Chief Kirk Noffsinger of the Biloxi Fire Dept.

A fire investigator is on the scene, trying to determine the cause of the fire. No word yet on the condition of the two people taken to the hospital.