250 Racers Rev Up For The Maxxis Mississippi Dirt Series In Gulfport

It was hot outside and hot on the track as go-cart racers lined up for a few test runs at the Gulfport Motorsports Park track.   As eight-year-old racer Daniel Fox practiced Saturday morning, he tried to soak in all his father's advice.  He had no problem sharing how his dad told him to drive on the track.

"Drive it like you stole it," says Daniel Fox, go-cart racer.

Fox says he knows exactly what keeps him suited up and ready to race.

"It's winning mostly, and it's the money. You get 30 dollars if you win," says Fox.

Andrew Herques is a Grand National Champion racer. He's only 10- years-old. Herques says there's some perks to being a champion.

"You get a big trophy, and you get your name in a magazine," says Andrew Herques, Grand National Champion racer.

Among the drivers, Kayla Cates was one of few young women racing the track. She started racing when she was 4, and at 13, she's already won nearly 20 races.

"It feels good. You kind of get back at the boys," says Kayla Cates, go-cart racer.

Like Cates, those who hit the track say the more you do it, the more you'll love it.

"If you do it once, you're hooked.  Everybody likes it.  It's just a big family outing, and everyone enjoys it," says Ronald Parker, Gulfport Motorsports Park.

For Daniel Holliday, it's a family affair for five. Daniel races with his son, his brother Scott and Scott's two sons.

"It's something you can do with your kids that you really enjoy as an adult," says Daniel Holliday, go-cart racer.

About 250 racers came out to prepare for tonight's big race. Some, like Fox, are still young to the sport, but they're already dreaming big and making plans to move from go-carts to race cars.

"I want to be just like Dale Earnhardt Jr. when I grow up and Dale Earnhardt Sr.," says Fox.

The race started Saturday night at 6 p.m. Outside of Mississippi, racers came from North Alabama; Little Rock, Arkansas; Houston, Texas; Louisiana, Florida and Tennessee to race.