Residents Take Sides In Annexation Controversy

David Fayard says he enjoys country living and doesn't believe the grass is greener on the other side. However, he says if he had to live in the city limits he knows which city, Biloxi or D'Iberville, he'd choose.

"I'd say Biloxi," said Fayard. "I'm sure I'll have some neighbors that will be upset with me and some neighbors that will be happy with me. If I'm going to be taken in by a city, I'd rather the city with the biggest pockets take me in."

Finances was the top reason given by people who said they'd rather be annexed by Biloxi, followed by national notoriety and better services.

Harrison County resident Donnie McFall said "If it comes right down to it. I'd just as soon have Biloxi have us. I don't think D'Iberville can give us anything that we don't already have."

"Biloxi is a bigger city," said Scott Hayne. "It's probably better equipped to expand at this point."

Almost an equal amount of people we talked to said D'Iberville was their city of choice. Their support was based on proximity, already having the city's water and sewer service, and controversy in Biloxi surrounding Woolmarket.

William Lee said "I guess D'Iberville would be our best choice. If we had a choice."

When asked "Biloxi or D'Iberville?", the most popular choice was 'neither.' Few here expect that to happen.

David Fayard said, "Between Biloxi and D'Iberville, they've lost a lot of their residents. And they're all moving north, and they want to go after the tax base."

Some of the people in the 2.2 square miles are getting water and sewer from D'Iberville. Others say they're on wells and septic tanks. Most of the homeowners we talked to today said they were unaware of the D'Iberville's annexation request.