Task Force Charges Pascagoula Man In Connection To Meth Dumpsite

Isaiah Polk is smiling very big this weekend, and it's not because he got a new video game.

"It was like someone just lifted a big, big heavy boulder off my shoulders, it was like a breath of fresh air. I was excited, I was glad," Isaiah's mother Mona Polk said.

She's excited because Joseph McCall, one of the men accused of dumping the meth lab that exploded in Isaiah's face earlier this month, is in custody.

"He promised me. He said 'I will not go to sleep tonight until this guy is caught.' And three hours later, it happened, just like that," Polk said, of agent Chad Heck with the Narcotics Task Force of Jackson County.

Finding meth lab dumpsites in the woods is common, but locating the person responsible is nearly impossible. Agent Heck says the arrest is just one step towards justice for Isaiah.

"Nobody deserves anything like that. Even if these two get punished, there's not enough punishment, not enough time that anybody can get for being so negligent that it injures a child," Heck said.

Isaiah's eyesight has improved drastically since the accident. Heck hopes the arrest brings some peace of mind to the 9 year old.

"It's not going to restore his sight. It's not going to take away the burns on his face, but maybe he can put a face on the person who did this to him," Heck said.

The Polks have mixed opinions on talking to McCall or the other suspect.

"I wouldn't want to talk to him, I wouldn't say anything because he scared me a lot," Isaiah said.

"I wouldn't say that I would never forgive him, because I probably would. But I will never ever forget what he's done," Mona Polk said.

Thankfully, the accident has not hampered Isaiah's dreams. In fact, it's motivated him to become a police officer.

"I wanna find the bad guys, like the ones that hurt me," Isaiah said.

Police need your help to find the 2nd suspect, 29-year-old Joseph Terry Shimp of Pascagoula. Shimp is currently out on felony bonds through the Task Force for several felony charges, including methamphetamines and marijuana.

If you have any information on this case, please contact the Narcotics Task Force of Jackson County at 228-769-3302.