Local Students React To Supreme Court Ruling

The state Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional for the Community College Board to block USM's Long Beach campus from offering Freshmen and Sophomore classes.

Most of the students we spoke to say it doesn't matter to them. They say the courses offered at Gulf Park are so limited, they would have to drive to Hattiesburg for some of their classes anyway.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Sophomore, Joy Thomas says, "As far as USM on the coast there was nothing available at all, I would have had to go to Hattiesburg, so this was a better choice."

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Sophomore Muriel Pagan says, "A concern that I have is that I won't be able to finish my bachelor degree here on the coast, I will have to take classes up in Hattiesburg and that's a bit of a trek."

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Sophomore Whitney Johns says. " I think it all has to do with time, over time they will add more courses they need to develop a budget and worry about the money first."

Between 60-and-70 freshmen will be admitted to USM's Gulf Coast Campus this fall.